1. Collaboration with IACR-Rothamsted Experimental Station, U.K on commercial exploitation of herbicidal properties of C. amboinicus.
2. Collaboration with United States Department of Agriculture, Missisipi USA on Allelopathy of certain weed species.
3. Collaboration as National Expert in a proposed TCP Project with FAO, Rome on Management of Weedy Rice in South Asia.
4. Collaboration with National Institute of Agro-environmental Sciences, Tsukuba Japan in Monsoon Asia Agro-environmental Research Consortium.
5. Collaboration with International Rice Research Institute, Philippines, in evolving stress tolerant rice.
6. Collaborating with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – DBT- BIRAC, GCI-AGN Project 2014-2016.
7. Collaborating with USAID - IKP – AGN Project 2017.


1. Hosted Dr.P.C. Bhowmik, Professor of Weed Science, University of Massachusetts, U.S.A for one month of his sabatic during 1999.
2. A team of Australian Scientists Comprising Dr. Deidre Lemerle and Dr. Rex Stanton of Charles Sturt University and Dr. Ann Cowling of NSW University visited to gain on hand experience in Integrated Rice Farming Systems during 2005.
3. Organised International Training for country representatives of Asia on Weed Risk Assessment jointly with FAO, Rome during September, 2007.
4. Imparted training on Water hyacinth bio-control for a team of six scientists from Iraq during 2008.
5. Organised International Training for Rice Technology Transfer Systems, Jointly with IRRI, Philippines during May, 2013.